Reports and articles on sexual violence

Why Soldiers Rape (2008)
Culture of misogyny, illegal occupation, fuel sexual violence in military By Helen Benedict.
Safe the Children research report by Csáky, Corinna (2008) “No one to turn to: The underreporting of child sexual exploitation and abuse by aid workers and peace keepers”.

Ertürk, Yakin (2008)
“Promotion and protection of all human rights, civil, political, economic, social and cultural, including the right to development : Report of the Special Rapporteur on violence against women, its causes and consequences – mission to the Democratic Republic of Congo”, UN Human Rights Council, seventh session, A/HRC/7/6/Add.4.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs (2007)
“Dutch National Action Plan on Resolution 1325: Taking a stand for women, peace and security”, The Hague.

Human Rights Watch (2005)
“Seeking Justice: The prosecution of sexual violence in the Congo war”.

International Alert (2004)
“Women’s Bodies as a Battleground: Sexual violence against women and girls during the war in the Democratic Republic of Congo – South Kivu 1996-2003”.

- Peacewomen
- Medecins Sans Frontieres
- UN action against sexual violence in conflict
- UN womenwatch
- UN-INSTRAW gender, peace and security programme
- European Women’s Lobby
- Global movement to end violence against women and girls
- WE-can end all violence against women campaign


Reports and articles on military reform

Human Rights Watch (2009)
“Soldiers Who Rape, Commanders Who Condone: Sexual violence and military reform in the Democratic Republic of Congo”.

International Crisis Group (2006)
“Security Sector Reform in the Congo”, Africa Report 104.

Refugee International (2007)
“Transition without Military Transformation”

- Global Security Sector Reform Network
- European Security mission in DRC
- UN peacekeeping mission in CONGO, MONUC